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This analogue photo shoot was taken on Martins de Sá beach, in the region of Paraty-RJ, where the family of Paulo Henrique, Roseli and their children live. It was a week of rain and welcome by the Remédios family. Between learning how to fish, knowing the season and the name of each fish, I heard many stories. They say that fish are decreasing and that garbage arrives from other corners of the world with each wave of the sea. It looks like two jaguars were released into Mamanguá's bag, someone said. There used to be a coal farm there and the centuries-old trees, which are no longer on the banks, can only be found on the trail, going up to Miranda peak. Today, the secondary forest on the banks is slender and regenerated. I also heard the story of the colonel who expelled the family from Remédios many years ago and from the ruins of the old farm on the trail to Saco das Anchovas. There are many stories and customs passed down from the ancients, which resist just like nature and its time.
This essay was done with the family of Paulo dos Remédios, who I became good friends with during the years I traveled there. Balanço do Mar reflects the memory of childhood, affection and deep relationship with the sea. Wooden and rope object that cradles children and adults during the rising and falling of the tides, the cycles of the moon and the setting sun. The images reveal this deep dive into beauty, encounter and wisdom transmitted from the oldest to the youngest, where the poetry and affection of the family appear when they go out fishing together in the late afternoon.

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