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Film photography and director of photography. The taste for photography comes from a young age when he used to leaf through the publications of his great-grandfather, Gaspar Gasparian, photographer and precursor of constructivism in Brazil, in the 1940s. Later he followed his training taking photography and cinema courses in Social Communication, at PUC- Rio, and at Ateliê da Imagem.


For 10 years he has been working in the artistic field of visual communication, developing authorial works and also as a camera assistant for documentary, fiction and advertising in the Brazilian audiovisual market, among which he highlights some feature films (Praça Paris; Lima Barreto - On the third day; Vidas Embarcadas; Waiting for the Storm: an adventure in Patagonia; Natterer's Treasures; Rio de Janeiro from Ho Chi Minh City; Double Father), short films (Neguinho; Jorge; Photosynthesis, Romance, Freeman, Sniper Queen) and series (Plot Cinema; Generation da Vela; Cinema Café).


In the documentary area, he co-created and worked on the Voz das Ruas collective channel, a series on the manifestations of 2013 and 2014. In the musical area, he directed the DVD Musicas to greet Jorge Amado, 2014, winner of Funarte's music announcement; and in the area of ​​performance, he directed the photography of the dance videos: Icó; Julia; Interclination and Marta.


As a still photographer, he carries out a continuous visual research with records made in black and white films, recording daily life and different ways of life, in addition to natural landscapes where he passed in Brazil and abroad (Morocco, Philippines, Patagonia, Antarctica and Portugal) . In 2019, the exhibition “Impressos” was held, at Espaço Ambiente, with its photos from the Morocco series.

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